Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Hair and Skin

The two main things that women all age want to have is gorgeous hair and skin. For elderly women, this might be a little bit more complicated to achieve because their skin and hair are naturally aging and there is not much that can be done if they haven’t been treating them the entire time. However, there are some beauty tips that might help smooth out the skin, make it softer and add to the shine of the hair. All you need to do is just to follow these tips that we have collected from many studies.

Treating Oily Skin

The first Belleza Consejos which means beauty tip on Spanish is for only oily and we don’t recommend using this tip if your skin is dry. This tip is specifically designed and meant to be applied only to oily skin. If you apply it on dry skin, you might experience even more dryness on your skin which can cause some issues, therefore please follow the instructions carefully. Having oily skin is a very common thing, usually with younger people.

To treat oily skin, you only need a few things that you can find at your home. Find yogurt, sugar, and oranges, first apply yogurt with sugar on your face by gently massaging the skin, then take the orange cut it in half and scrub your face with one open half of the orange. The nutrients and vitamins from orange will work great with yogurt and your skin will regain its health and it the oil will vanish from the pores of your skin. When you are done applying it, wash your face with cold water and you will instantly see the difference. Do this method two or three times per week depending on the condition of your skin.

Treating Dry Skin

Things that you will need: fresh papaya, oats, honey, milk. First take the papaya cut it in half, use the middle of it to massage your skin, then you need to make a scrub that you will apply on your skin. Take oats, honey and milk mix them together and scrub it in your face, but be gentle because oats can be rough. When you have don’t that, the next step is to wash off that scrub with cold milk. When you have washed off the majority of the scrub with milk, you can use cold water to completely wash and clean your face.