Lyndsey Beaulieu was born and raised in New Orleans but moved away to attend the University of Virginia. After college she lived in Los Angeles where she became part of the HBO family as an assistant at the HBO offices, then as a Writers' Assistant on ‘Big Love.’ She has been with ‘Treme’ since the pilot and currently works as the Writers' Office Coordinator.


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Susan Spicer's Café au Lait Pot de Crème

By Lolis Eric Elie

Truth be told, some of Janette's recipes actually come from the mind of Susan Spicer. Take for instance the time she tried to butter up her parents for a loan during the first season. One of the desserts she serves is this café au lait pot de crème.

Janette got less from her parents than she'd hoped, but it wasn't the fault of the dessert course, a smash by all accounts. This is one of several Susan Spicer recipes that will be published in our 'Treme' cookbook this spring. In the meantime, you can try making it at home.

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